Workshop registration notes

Register for the workshop through the Events management system 

Payment methods available: Bank transfer

Registration steps

1. Register to the system (

2. After login, start the event registration process (

3. After the first step, the participation fee needs to be paid. 

Payments details and sales conditions:

Beneficiary: EDEN Digital Learning Europe MTU

Account nr: EE752200221078252481

Name of the bank: Swedbank AS

Address of the bank: Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn, Estonia


Payment comments/purpose: Dubrovnik RW, name surname

4. After paying the fee, you will receive an email with payment confirmation (a few days) and a link to continue the registration process.

5. Fill in the registration form and finish the registration process.

Please note that your participation is approved only after the payment of the participation fee.

If you have a need for the invoice please contact us at

Registration fees

Regular registration* – 400 EUR

Early bird registration* – 350 EUR

FREE Participation for Ukranian Researchers – During the registration process apply the following coupon code: eden-rw-ukr-2022

Gala dinner – 80 EUR

Regular registration for participants from Croatia – 350 EUR**

*For online participation (keynote speeches and one online section) fees are 50% reduced

** In order to register as a participant from Croatia, please select the “Onsite participation for Croatian participants” and enter the coupon code (if you do not have the coupon code, please contact

Contact us

If you have any queries, or for further information, please email