Executive Committee meeting in London

The Mall after the London Marathon, the day before the EC meetingI am writing this entry to the blog after the Executive Committee meeting this month in London. On the picture you can see the Mall after the London Marathon, the day before the meeting.

We gathered primarily to review progress on preparations for the two upcoming EDEN meetings: firstly in Lisbon from June 11-14 and secondly for the Research Workshop in Paris from October 20-22.

Preparations for Lisbon have gone very well, and we have had the benefit of an excellent partnership with the Universidade Aberta of Portugal who have helped us enormously. We are looking forward to a very successful meeting and demand has been high for conference places. But readers of this blog can still apply!

The meeting in Paris on research, on the theme of Access, has been developed with the support of our VP Martine Vidal of CNED, France, and UNESCO who are hosts. We have also been able to have once again the support of the Ulrich Bernath Foundation for the award of best paper.

Other issues at the EC we examined included the venue of the 2009 Annual Conference, which will take place from June 10-13. I am able to tell you that we are very excited to have decided that Gdansk, Poland will be the venue, on the invitation of a range of academic and civic partners there. This beautiful and interesting city has a huge resonance across Europe and indeed the world for its central place in the changes that Europe experienced in the 1989-1990 period, which allowed us as professionals to work easily together for the first time. This period indeed represents the origins of EDEN which came into existence precisely in order to support Europe-wide professional and institutional relations at that time. So check out Gdansk on the web and claim these dates for your diary!

See you in Lisbon for this years’ conference very soon!

Best wishes,

Alan Tait

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  1. Hi, Alan, I am expecting your blog about China! I am curious what you are going to write about China.

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