The EDENRW8 by Tony Bates – Inspiring keynotes in an innovative format

As announced in my latest post, I’ve invited EDENRW8 rapporteur Tony Bates, who is an EDEN Senior Fellow and also a very dear friend, to share with us his expert perspective on the main discussion trends and conclusions of such a remarkable event. As a result he wrote a collection of four excellent blog posts, which I’ll publish over the course of this week.

In each post Tony gives an insight on a particular aspect of the EDENRW8. In the first one I’m publishing today, he shares his views on the conference format and the inspiring an provocative keynote speeches by Cristóbal Cobo, Pierre Dillenbourg, Sian Bayne, Willem van Valkenburg, Philip Schmidt and Allison Littlejohn.

You can find more about Tony’s background, interests and work on his personal web site. I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading this great report.

Read the full post here.

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