Openness and Education Remain the Best Answer II

A propos des attaques terroristes à Bruxelles et dans le monde / Over de terreur aanslagen in Brussel en in de wereld


In the aftermath of the recent deadly terrorist attacks in Brussels, the EDEN community shares once again the shock and deep sadness caused by the terrible events that have taken place in Europe and in other regions of the world during the past months, taking the lives of many innocent people. Our sympathy and solidarity goes once more to the victims, to all those whose loved ones were killed or injured and also to our many partners and friends in Belgium and Turkey.

We’re facing a time of complex historical challenges for which a European integrated response is needed. But, what can be our best answer? Most surely, education should be a part of it. More importantly, we believe that open digital education can and should play a major positive role. We all know, in fact, how the combination of openness, education and digital media is particularly effective for building connections, instilling trust, crossing borders and widening participation to All.


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