Frequently Asked Questions

How to participate in a training?

As EDEN is not the provider of the trainings, the mode of participation is defined by the provider organisation. Please, click on the training link to see how to register or enlist to a course.

The majority of the courses are free to join without any limitations.

How to submit a training?

We encourage you to share your results and or trainings on our portal. If you have a training/webinar/on-line tool/portal that you would like to see in our collection, please fill out this submission form with the details and we will get back to you.

How to report a training offer?

If you come accross a training offer that is not correctly displayed, credited or it is no longer available or it is available on different terms than noted in our description, please let us know! Thank you!


The Training opportunities – a collection by EDEN portal is not a training provider portal, but a collection of learning resources. Please note that we can only guarantee that the learning material exists and that it is available on the described terms on the date that it is uploaded.

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