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The European Distance and E-Learning Network – EDEN strives to foster the professional development of educators and e-learning professionals by matching their training needs with the most state of the art offers. While the initiative is still in its piloting phase, our aim is to create an informal, non-comprehensive content multiplier portal that provides direct access to – both online and face to face – training opportunities. We wish to take advantage of EDEN’s partnerships with internationally known training provider institutions and organisation. By curating external parties' relevant resources our objective is to guide teachers, trainers and other educational professionals to participate in valuable continuous professional development opportunities.
Training hubs

Training hub is a category that includes portals that offer many training opportunities and resources.

Training courses

Stand alone online training courses on various topics for personal development. Includes language courses and instructional videos as well.


Hear the experts lecturing first hand about contemporary educational topics interacting with participants during a series of webinars.


Tools, plugins and any other applications that could be integrated into the work of educational professionals.

Short learning courses awarded with micro-credentials

Micro-credentials got more and more attention in restructuring the Higher Education in Europe. The European Skills Agenda for sustainable competitiveness, social fairness and resilience also proposed the development of an European approach to micro-credentials as one of its 12 flagship actions. To foster the development of this approach, a European Consultation Group on Micro-Credentials discussed the core terminology underpinning micro-credentials, and contributed to a first identification of critical building blocks which should be features in a European approach for micro-credentials in higher education in the EU.

EDEN supports the above initiatives by providing expert support and performing research in this area. As part of this effort we try to collect information from our members and partners to characterize their progress in developing and applying micro-credentials in their own institutions.
You can find the collected list of short learning courses recognized with micro-credentials here.

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