Much More Than A Conference

As we immerse into the Autumn season, preparations speed up for next year’s EDEN conferences and other events. This is therefore the best time to look back at this year’s achievements and project what the future should be like. The year of 2015 has marked an exciting time for our Association as we’ve organised a higher number of events than ever before and all of them were quite successful and had important impact in the academic and professional community. However, the absolute highlight was EDEN15, the 2015 Annual Conference held in Barcelona. As you know, EDEN is much more than just an Association. It is the largest European network in the field of open, distance and eLearning, embracing both institutional and individual actors, notably the researchers and practitioners. Similarly to this wide scope and comprehensive representation, the EDEN conferences are also much more than just large conferences. They represent the pulsation and social impact of a large and consolidated community. One with a great history and legacy, but also an even more exciting future. Read the full post.

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