Openness Remains the Best Answer: In the aftermath of the recent terrorist attacks


The EDEN community shares the shock and sadness caused by the recent deadly attacks which have taken place in Europe and in other regions of the world, taking the life of many innocent human beings. Among these victims are students, teachers and researchers. People like us, including our colleague Sebastian Proisy, a young Parisian with whom the EDEN Secretariat had the chance to collaborate. At this moment we would like to express our sympathy and solidarity with all those whose loved ones were killed or injured.

Openness, transparency and inclusiveness are the guiding principles of EDEN. Diversity of views, beliefs and experiences, respect for otherness and the free exchange of ideas constitute the common values our community shares. In the wake of such threats on the European cultural foundations, education can and should play a major positive role. We therefore call our members to stand for and act in favour of openness, tolerance and dialogue.

Antonio Teixeira
EDEN President

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