Recognition of Valid and Open Learning

In the framework of the ReOPEN project a platform for non-formal open learning curriculum development with learning validation and recognition instruments in place (learner credentials, digital badges, learning path recognition and assessment tools) has been realized.

The project partners developed 3 training materials and trained teachers as well as teacher trainers at C-VET organizations, companies, HE institutions and adult learning organizations to

  • design validated non-formal open learning curriculum (e.g. MOOC or other),
  • apply digital badges as a new form of digital credentialing and tracking one’s learning path in non-formal open learning,
  • recognize non-formal open learning results in formal curricula.

The project elaborated 5 CPD courses:

and produced use cases with validated OOL curriculum examples leading to proper prior learning recognition.

Professor Alfredo Soeiro, University of Porto about the project:


The ReOPEN project has been funded by the European Commission under the ERASMUS+ Programme.

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