WHAT and HOW to Teach with Video

A 4-week MOOC is to start in January based on the book by Jack Koumi Designing video and multimedia for open and flexible learning (2006, reprinted 2009). The MOOC includes powerful teaching/learning roles for which video is potentially capable as well as pedagogic design principles to achieve this potential.

  • WHAT to teach with video: Powerful Teaching/Learning Roles for which video is potentially capable, due to its distinctive presentational attributes
  • HOW to teach with video: Pedagogic Design Principles to achieve the above potential

The course uses video clips to exemplify 33 Powerful Teaching/Learning Roles in four domains: Cognitive, Experiential, Affective, Skills.

Further clips illustrate 30 Design Principles in 8 categories: Hook, Signpost, Engage, Activate, Sensitise,  Elucidate, Reinforce, Consolidate.

In the final two weeks students design a screenplay, supported by the following specifications:

  • Structural Outline of the video (based on the Design Principles above)
  • Leaning Objectives (including the rationale for using the video medium, based on the Powerful Roles above)
  • Learning experiences that complement the video – e.g. segmentation interspersed by quizzes, suitable for MOOC presentation.

Webpage: https://platform.europeanmoocs.eu/course_what_and_how_to_teach_with_vid