About us

What is EDEN?

EDEN Digital Learning Europe was created to continue the 30+ years of operation of the European Distance and E-Learning Network once the United Kingdom left the European Community. It exists to share knowledge and improve understanding amongst professionals in distance and e-learning and to promote policy and practice across the whole of Europe and beyond.

EDEN Digital Learning Europe is an international educational association and not-for-profit organisation. As a professional community for smart learning, we foster knowledge exchange and enhance understanding among professionals in distance and e-learning, while promoting best practices and policies throughout Europe and beyond.

Established in 2019 as an international educational association and not-for-profit organisation, EDEN Digital Learning Europe is open to institutions and individuals dealing with e-learning, and – more broadly speaking – open and distance education. Providing versatile expertise, the Association embraces all levels of formal and non-formal education and training. EDEN Europe has been consistently instrumental in the promotion of networking, international co-operation and professional development.

As a key asset, EDEN Europe has a strong and active membership. By joining EDEN Europe you become part of the largest, most dynamically developing professional community of experts and practitioners of electronic distance education. EDEN Digital Learning Europe is registered as a not-for-profit association under Estonian law.

Articles of Association

A non-governmental educational association has been established under the name of EDEN Digital Learning Europe, with the abbreviated name EDEN Europe.
The aim of the association shall be to foster developments in open, distance, flexible and e-learning (hereinafter distance and e-learning) providing a platform for all the regions and countries of Europe for co-operation and collaboration between institutions, networks companies and other agencies in the field. The association may also develop links with non-European associations and institutions.

Working in conjunction with its members the association will endeavour to:


Promote co-operation and collaboration between existing institutions and networks involved in providing or using distance and e-learning both in Europe and on a world-wide basis


Organise and support conferences, workshops and seminars to support professional development in the field of distance and e-learning in Europe.


Facilitate and foster research and development in distance and e-learning.


Make available information about current developments in distance and e-learning.


Participate in world-wide international co-operation and collaboration, take part in projects promoting such activities and encourage and assist members in the elaboration of collaborative projects.


Advise relevant national and international bodies, governmental and non-governmental, regarding education and training through distance and e-learning methods in Europe.

Business Card


Commercial registry code: 80562628
Registered Office: Kuklase tn 16-12, 13423, Tallinn, Estonia
Tax number: 80562628
VAT number: EE102565294


Name of the bank: Swedbank
IBAN: EE752200221078252481