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From the Articles of the Association


2.1. Any person who agrees to accept the rights and obligations arising from the Association’s Articles of Association may be a member of the Association.
Membership shall be open to credible educational institutions, companies, other bodies and associations as well as individuals.
The members of the MTÜ shall be allotted to one of two sections: either the Institutions Section or the Network of Academics and Professionals Section of the Individual members.

The application to become a member of the Association shall be subject of a written procedure and the application shall be filed in a written form addressed to the Management Board of the Association.

The Management Board of the Association shall review the application within 21 days after its submission.

Acceptance of new members to the Association is decided by the Management Board by simple majority of votes. If the application is rejected, the Management Board shall within 10 days inform the applicant in writing of the reason for such rejection.
If an applicant complies with all requirements stated in the application form, membership starts ex post facto by notification of acceptance to the association, subject to receiving the fee payment in due time.

2.2. A member of the Association has the right to:
2.2.1. elect and be elected to management and control bodies of the Association
2.2.2. participate in any events organised by the Association;
2.2.3. resign from the Association.

2.3. In order to resign from the Association, the member shall submit the management board a written petition. A member of the Association may resign from the Association after all commitments assumed before the Associations have been fulfilled.

2.4. A member of the Association shall:
2.4.1. recognise and observe the Articles of Association of the Association, decisions and orders of the general meeting and the management board;
2.4.2. pay annual membership fees by the deadline and in the amount established by the general meeting;
2.4.3. by their activities promote the development of the Association;
2.4.5. not disclose any information that they may have learned about the Association, if the management board or the general meeting have classified such information confidential;
2.4.7. compensate the Association for any damages caused by their wrongful acts in accordance with the effective legislation.

2.5. The management board or the general meeting of the Association may exclude from the Association a member, who has repeatedly breached any obligations set forth in the Articles of Association of the Association, whose membership fees are overdue for more than one year, whose wrongful actions have caused damages to the Association or its members, or whose activities are incompatible with the objectives of the Association.

2.6. A member who has been excluded from the Association shall be promptly informed of the decision of their exclusion, and the reason for the exclusion in writing.