Best Research Paper Awards

Since 2008, EDEN is continuously granting the Best Research Paper Award at EDEN’s Annual Conferences as well as at EDEN’s bi-annual Research Workshops. A high quality standard selection process by a scientific jury guarantees the branding of a distinguished and reputable award for scholarly conference papers in the field of open, distance and e-learning. Till 2021 the selection process was in collaboration with the Ulrich Bernath Foundation for Research in Open and Distance Learning while since 2022 EDEN Dubrovnik Research Workshop Best Research Paper Award is awarded in cooperation with The UNESCO Chair in Education and Technology for Social Change.


Previous Winners of the EDEN Best Research Paper Award

2022 – 12th EDEN Research Workshop in Dubrovnik: “Designing an Assessment Model of Entrepreneurship Competence for the Promotion of Sustainability in Compulsory and Post-Compulsory Education”  by Estel Paloma Cisa, Guardia Lourdes, Buil Fabregà Màrian, Open university of Catalonia, Spain (Chair of the Jury: Ebba Ossiannilsson, Swedish Association for Open, Flexible and Distance Education, Sweden).

2022 – EDEN Annual Conference in Tallinn:Teachers’ technology use, decision-making process and concerns in data-informed teacher inquiries” by Merike Saar and Mart Lanpeere, Tallinn University (Chair of the Jury: Albert Sangra, Open university of Catalonia, Spain).

2021 – EDEN Annual Conference in Madrid: “Emergency Responses to the COVID-19 Crisis in Education: a Shift from Chaos to Complexity” by Barbi Svetec, Blaženka Divjak, Faculty of Organization and Informatics, University of Zagreb, Croatia (Chair of the Jury: Lisa Marie Blaschke, Program Lead, Learnlife HomeHub, Chair EDEN Fellow’s Council).

2020 – 11th EDEN Research Workshop in Lisbon: “Social Presence and Educational Technologies in an Online Distance Education Course in Finnish Higher Education: A Social Constructivist Perspective” by Irène Charbonneau, Stockholm University, Sweden (Chair of the Jury: Diane Conrad, Athabasca University, Canada)

2019 – EDEN Annual Conference in Bruges: “Automatic Transcription software: Good enough for accessibility? A case study from Built Environment Education” by Tharindu R. Liyanagunawardena, University College of Estate Management, UK (Chair of the Jury: Alan Tait, The Open University, UK).

2018 –  10th EDEN Research Workshop in Barcelona: “Moody MOOCs: An Exploration of Emotion in an  LMOOC” by Elaine Beirne, Conchúr Mac Lochlainn, and Mairéad Nic Giolla Mhichíl from Dublin City University in Ireland (Chair of the Jury: Sanna Järvelä, University of Oulu, Finland).

2018 – EDEN Annual Conference in Genoa: “Stuck in the Middle? Making Sense of the Impact of Micro, Meso and Macro Institutional, Structural and Organisational Factors on Implementing Learning Analytics” by Paul Prinsloo, University of South Africa, South Africa, Sharon Slade, The Open University, United Kingdom, Mohammad Khalil, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands (Chair of the Jury: Ulf-Daniel Ehlers, Baden-Wurttemberg Cooperative State University, Germany).

2017 – EDEN Annual Conference in Jönköping: “Effects of Multimedia Feedback on Pre-Service Teacher’s Perceptions, Self-Assessment, and Academic Achievement” by Gokcen Aydin, Mithat Cicek, Mustafa Gulec, Middle East Technical University, Turkey (Chair of the Jury: Antonella Pocce, Università Roma Tre Italy).

2016 – 9th EDEN Research Workshop in Oldenburg: “Use of moocs in traditional classroom: blended learning approach” by Antonia Bralić & Blaženka Divjak, Faculty of Organization and Informatics, University of Zagreb, Croatia (Chair of the Jury: Dianne Conrad, Athabasca University, Canada).

2016 – EDEN Annual Conference in Budapest: “How Social Networking Experience relates to Social Presence and attitude of Using SNS in education”by Jieun Lim, & Jennifer Richardson, Purdue University, United States of America (Chair of the Jury: Andrea Karpati, ELTE University, Hungary).

2015 – EDEN Annual Conference in Barcelona: ”Technology as a Vehicle for Inclusion of Learners with Attention Deficits in Mainstream Schools” by Hanne Voldborg Andersen & Elsebeth Korsgaard Sorensen, Aalborg University, Denmark (Chair of the Jury: Christine Appel, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya).

2014 – 8th EDEN Research Workshop in Oxford: “Feedback on Academic Essay Writing through Pre-Emptive Hints – Moving Towards ‘Advice for Action’” by Denise Whitelock, Alison Twiner, John T. E. Richardson, The Open University, Debora Field, Stephen Pulman, University of Oxford, United Kingdom, and “Student Perspectives on the Use of Their Data: Between Intrusion, Surveillance and Care” by Sharon Slade, The Open University, United Kingdom, Paul Prinsloo, University of South Africa, South Africa (Chair of the Jury:  Tony Bates, President and CEO of Tony Bates Associates Ltd, Canada).

2014 – EDEN Annual Conference in Zagreb: “Digital Storytelling as a Reflective Practice Tool in a Community of Professionals” by Corrado Petrucco, University of Padova, Italy (Chair of the Jury: Terry Anderson, Athabasca University, Canada).

2013 – EDEN Annual Conference in Oslo: “Eliciting Students’ Voices through Screencast-Assisted ‘Feedback on Feedback’” by Maria Fernández-Toro & Concha Furnborough, The Open University, United Kingdom (Chair of the Jury: Albert Sangrà Morer, Open University of Catalunya).

2012 – 7th EDEN Research Workshop in Leuven: “Students’ Attitude towards ICT Learning Uses: A Comparison between Digital Learners in Blended and Virtual Universities” by Iolanda Garcia et al., Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain (Chair of the Jury: Martine Vidal, France).

2012 – EDEN Annual Conference in Porto: “Reconsidering ‘Gen Y’ & Co: From Minding the Gap to Overcoming it” by Emanuele Rapetti & Lorenzo Cantoni, Universita della Svizzera Italiana, Switzerland (Chair of the Jury: Ingeborg Bø, Norway).

2011 – EDEN Annual Conference in Dublin: “Student perceptions and preferences for tertiary online courses: Does prior high school distance learning make a difference?” by Dale Kirby, Dennis B. Sharpe, Canada & Michael K. Barbour, United States, and  ”Local support for online learners with possible learning disabilities” by Torstein Rekkedal, Norway (Chair of the Jury: Alan Tait, The Open University UK).

2010 – 6th EDEN Research Workshop in Budapest: “Establishing a Foundational Framework for Development of Reflective Thinking: Learning Journals in the MDE“ by Lisa Maria Blaschke & Jane Brindley, Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg/Germany (Chair of the Jury: Gilly Salmon, University of Leicester/U.K).

2010 – EDEN Annual Conference in Valencia: “Mathematical Intimacy within Blended and Face-to-Face Learning Environments” by Oana Radu &Tim Seifert, Memorial University, Canada (Chair of the Jury: Michael Kerres, University of Duisburg/Essen/Germany).

2009 – EDEN Annual Conference in Gdansk: “Evaluating continuous assessment quality in competence-based education online: The case of the e-folio” by Alda Pereira, Isolina Oliveira, Luís Tinoca, Lúcia Amante, Maria de Jesus Relvas, Maria do Carmo Teixeira Pinto, Darlinda Moreira,  Universidade Aberta/Portugal (Chair of the Jury: Otto Peters, FernUniversität/Germany).

2008 – 5th EDEN Research Workshop in Paris: “Opening access to higher education to all? What motivates academic staff in traditional universities to adopt e-learning?” by K. MacKeogh & S. Fox, OSCAIL, Dublin City University/Ireland AND “L’enseignement a distance en milieu carceral: Droit a l’éducation ou privilege?“ by Fanny Salane(Chair of the Jury: Torstein Rekkedal, Norwegian School of Information Technology and NKI Distance Education/Norway).

2008 – EDEN Annual Conference in Lisbon: “Examining the effectiveness of distance education: Results from multi-level modelling” by T. Seifert, B. Sheppard, A.M. Vaughn, Memorial University, Newfoundland/Canada (Chair of the Jury: Michael Grahame Moore, Pennsylvania State University/USA)