EDEN DLE Strategy 2023-2028

EDEN Digital Learning Europe is an international educational association and not-for-profit organisation. As a professional community for smart learning, we foster knowledge exchange and enhance understanding among professionals in distance and e-learning, while promoting best practices and policies throughout Europe and beyond.

Founded in 2019, EDEN Digital Learning Europe emerged as a successor to the European Distance and E-Learning Network following the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Community. We are open to both institutions and individuals involved in e-learning and open and distance education, striving to provide a comprehensive range of expertise, encompassing all levels of formal and non-formal education and training.

With a long-standing track record of fostering networking, international cooperation, and professional development, EDEN Europe’s strong and active membership serves as a key asset. By joining EDEN Europe, you become part of the largest, most dynamically developing professional community of electronic distance education experts and practitioners. EDEN Digital Learning Europe is registered as a not-for-profit association under Estonian law.

Looking ahead, we have developed a strategic plan that focuses on five priority areas: growing and sustaining membership, strengthening knowledge-building events and activities, enhancing organisational efficiency, improving communication and dissemination, and playing an active role in shaping digital education policy and practice. By aligning our efforts with these priorities, we aim to drive our mission and create a meaningful impact in the digital education landscape.