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With a long-standing track record of fostering networking, international cooperation, and professional development, EDEN DLE strong and active membership serves as a key asset. By joining EDEN DLE, you become part of the largest, most dynamically developing professional community of electronic distance education experts and practitioners. EDEN Digital Learning Europe is registered as a not-for-profit association under Estonian law.

EDEN Digital Learning Europe is an international educational association and not-for profit organisation. As a professional community for smart learning, we foster knowledge exchange and enhance understanding among professionals in distance and e-learning, while promoting best practices and policies throughout Europe and beyond.

The EDEN community assists a wide range of institutions, networks, and individuals to involve them in professional communities and in networking activities. It does so through organizing (but not limited to) Annual Conferences, Research Workshops and other ad hoc activities such as EDEN Digital Education Leadership Academy (DELA) and Masterclass addressed to all stakeholders in the field of open, distance and digital learning. Special attention is paid to the involvement and support of young scholars, by acknowledging their results with awards, organizing PhD symposia, and ensuring a mentoring service.

EDEN DLE is among the core partners in the consortium led by DAAD who, on the basis of service contract with the European Commission, implement the initiative of the European Digital Education Hub creating the largest Community of Practice and shaping the future of Digital Education in Europe.

EDEN has a growing membership of 50 institutional and over 100 individual members that are part of NAP (Network of Academics and Professionals). Since 2024 a new membership for students is being introduced.

By becoming a member of EDEN you have access to the following services:

  • EDEN Members can publish their news on our monthly newsletter that reaches more than 14.000 institutions, academics, professionals, researchers, and students of the field.
  • EDEN can support your European research project implementation, dissemination, networking, communication, valorisation, and evaluation.
  • Be part of Europe’s leading network for advancing digital education with a history of 30+ years and stay in contact with a vibrant body of researchers, practitioners and academics in digital education. 
  • Use EDEN logo as a reference on your websites, blogs, electronic correspondence.

Membership Application Timeline

Step 1: Fill out the application form (Time Estimate: 5min)

Fill in the application form and receive an automated response.

Step 2: Secretariat Application review (Time Estimate: up to 7 days)

EDEN DLE Secretariat reviews all the applications and in case additional information is needed contacts the applicant

Step 3: EDEN DLE Management Board approval (Time Estimate: up to 30 days)

The Management Board reviews:

– Institutional scope of activities (for institutions)

– Size (for institutions)

– The motivation to join EDEN DLE

– Short bio (for individuals)

– How would the applicant (institution or individual) like to get involved in EDEN DLE activities

A majority vote determines whether the institution/individual is accepted.

Step 4: Pay Membership Fee (Time Estimate: 30-day deadline)

The Secretariat notifies applicants who have received Management Board approval and sends them an electronic invoice for the annual membership fee payment. The member is given 30 days to process payment.

Please note that newly approved applicants only become official EDEN DLE members upon receipt of the annual membership fee payment.

Payment can be made via bank transfer.

 Step 5: Receive Welcome Letter (Time estimate: 7-day deadline)

 Afterwards, the new member receives a Welcome Letter with practical information about membership services and benefits and is placed on the website.

*Membership Fees

The EDEN Digital Learning Europe membership fees for 2022 approved by the General Meeting on October 12th, 2021.

All membership fees are set in Euro.
Institution 1: Educational institutions with more than 20.000 students, commercial organisations in Europe.800
Institution 2: Educational institutions with less than 20.000 but more than 4.000 students, national or international institutions, networks and associations.650
Institution 3: Educational institutions with less than 4.000 students, non-profit bodies, scientific and research institutions in Europe and Small companies (with less than 20 employees).450
Individual membership.90
Student membership.50