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Lessons from a pandemic for the future of education
EDEN 2021 Virtual Annual Conference
22-25 June 2021

New EDEN webinar series:
Time for Action in Shaping HE 4.0

Following the success of the #onlinetogether #covid19 webinars a new series started on 26 April 2021. 


EDEN webinar series: Education in time of a new normal

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EDEN webinar series: Education in time of a pandemic

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Open Education Week #OEW

The goal of Open Education Week is to raise awareness and showcase impact of open education on teaching and learning worldwide. Open Education Week has become one of the most foremost global events recognizing high achievement and excellence in open education.

The week-long event spotlights amazing work from over a dozen categories including live, face-to-face events, webinars, projects, and resources.

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European Distance and E-Learning Week #EDLW
Webinar series about the state and the future of distance education. During the European Distance Learning Week, you have access to daily online webinars and panel sessions of expert scholars and practitioners presenting a variety of cutting edge open and online learning topics, from innovations in design to open educational research.

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