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Assessment of STEM transversal skills from conceptual framework to real- world problems

1 December, 17:00 CET

EDEN NAP webinar



Assessment of Transversal Skills in STEM is an innovative policy experimentation project  being conducted across 8 EU countries and involving a partner network of 12 educational institutions. It aims to enhance digital assessment of students’ transversal skills in STEM. Drawing on key ideas and theories of STEM educational policy, formative assessment, use of digital learning tools, and integrated STEM education the project developed an overarching conceptual framework that underpinned a training and development programme for teachers. Teachers in 107 schools in seven European countries worked with teacher mentors to help teachers reflect on and develop their teaching practices to teach students key STEM skills via learning projects aiming to have real work impact and address the UN’s sustainable development goals.

This presentation will feature tales spun from theoretical frameworks to classroom practices. Dr. Eamon Costello will first give an overview of the project and discuss the topic of real world skills, a concept of contestation in the STEM educational discourse. Following the overview, Dr Eva Hartell  will present on the project implementation in Sweden where the research team worked in partnership with schools and parents on projects that allowed students to explore and affect their real world. Lastly, teacher Alberto Sacido will share an inspirational story of the ATS STEM pilot implementation undertaken in Rosalía de Castro High School, Spain, with his enterprising students in a project about Covid-19.

Type of session: presentations with discussion


Orna Farrell

Dr Orna Farrell is Assistant Professor specialising in online and blended education in Dublin City University (DCU). Orna holds a PhD in Education from Trinity College Dublin. Orna is EDEN NAP SC Deputy Chair.

Currently, Orna is Head of the Open Education Unit at Dublin City University, which provides online programmes to off campus students through the DCU Connected platform. From 2020-21, Orna led the Digital Learning Design Unit, created to support DCU’s pivot to hybrid learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic. From 2017-20, she was Chair of the DCU Connected Online Humanities programmes.

Prajakta Girme

Prajakta Girme (Lily) is a researcher in Dublin City University currently working in the area of digital assessment in STEM education and on the ATS STEM project. She has research interests in posthuman educational futures and education for international protection applicants, migrants, and refugees. In addition to project management and educational research she has expertise in research communication via graphical methods and creative multimodal approaches.


Eamon Costello
Dr Eamon Costello
is an Associate Professor of Digital Learning at Dublin City University (DCU). He is curious about how we think, learn, and work online, offline, and everywhere in between. He has taught and researched a variety of topics in digital learning, open education and postdigital social science fiction.

Eva Hartell
Dr Eva Hartell
is currently head of research in Haninge municipality and researcher at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. Eva is involved in a number of national and international practitioner-based research and development projects such as ATS STEM and K-ULF, working closely with teachers and schools with the purpose of bridging teaching and learning in STEM education.

 Alberto Sacido
Alberto Sacido has a Masters Degree in Hispanic Studies from Brown University and is a University of Santiago graduate in English who works as a Spanish teacher in Rosalía de Castro High School in Santiago de Compostela (Spain). A passionate teacher, Aleberto has led teams of fellow teachers, helping them interrogate and improve their practice through several Erasmus+ projects in Galicia.