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EDEN June Annual Conference countdown – Video Message from Mark Nichols

EDEN 2021 Virtual Annual Conference – UNED-Madrid
Registration open, New Keynote
Video message from Mark Nichols, Keynote Speaker

“Lessons from a pandemic for the future of education”

Conference Registration

Dear EDEN Members, Partners and Friends,

With only three weeks to go to the EDEN Virtual Annual Conference, we are pleased to introduce a new keynote speaker, Manuel Castro to provide us with his expertise. Also, we are glad to share the video message of one of our acclaimed keynotes, Marc Nichols from the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand, as well as an introductory video from our Principal Sponsor, Blackboard
The registration for the Conference on 21-24 June, hosted by the National Distance Education University UNED is open. Your can register through the Conference management system EasyChair by clicking on the button above, or here. We welcome the high interest in the Conference, the evaluation of the submissions is continuous.

New Keynote: Manuel Castro


Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UNED, Emeritus President of the IEEE Education Society and Past Director of IEEE Spain 


Full List of Keynotes

Video Message from Mark Nichols, Keynote Speaker

“The internet has transformed so much else in modern life. Our consumption of media, our ways of interacting and accessing information; these have all radically changed over the last two decades. Why hasn’t education?” MARC NICHOLS, Executive Director, Learning Design&Development, Open Polytechnic of New Zealand 

Watch the video message here

EDEN Annual Conference Principal Sponsor Video

EDEN has joined forces with Blackboard
as the Principal Sponsor
of the 2021 Annual Conference.
asknet Solutions is a strategic partner for Blackboard
in the German-speaking DACH region
(Germany, Austria and Switzerland).
Watch the video by clicking on the picture below:

R4C Workshop: Way to make your school e-mature and open

One of the highlights of the Conference programme is a special Reflecting4Change – R4C workshop on how schools can be supported in using self-reflection tools to understand their current position and build on the results to implement a concrete set of actions helping teachers and redefining education in the new normal. Participation at the R4C workshop is free. Read more…

Register to the R4C workshop

European Digital Education Hub (EDEH) Workshop

EDEN dedicates a special Workshop to the European Digital Education Hub (EDEH), a key action  in the framework of the Conference. EDEH is contributing a paper on “Digitalisation of the student journey: a holistic approach to seamless exchange in Europe.” The European Digital Education Hub responds to the need for reinforced cooperation and dialogue between different stakeholders in the area of digital education. Cooperation via the EDEH, which is a part of the Erasmus+ programme 2021-2027, strives to achieve systemic impact and identify sustainable solutions, supporting education and training in the long term.

Teaser of Workshops

  • The European Digital Education Hub (EU Commission, DG Education and Culture)
  • Assessment of International Collaborative Online Learning (DAAD)
  • AI and Vocational Education and Training – Discussing ethical implications
  • Leveraging University Micro-Credentials: Critical Issues, Practices and Policies for Enhancing Institutional and Employer Capacity
  • Introducing EDEN2021 – The Network of Academics and Professionals, the EDEN Fellows’ Council, EDEN European Journal – EURODL with new Chief Editor and After the Brexit – EDEN Digital Learning Europe
  • EDEN 30th anniversary: lessons from the past and perspectives for the future – Think tank experience
  • R4C – Reflecting4Change: Way to make your school e-mature and open: the benefits of using the R4C Self Reflection Tool and implement changes
  • Studying in a pandemic and post-pandemic world: the students’ perspective
  • Digital Competence of Educators. Challenges to the Framework and Competence Development Programs

Full List of Keynotes

PhD Symposium

The EDEN 2021 PhD Symposium Madrid will be organized on 21 June 2021, in the frame of the conference. The Symposium, held in previous years in Barcelona (2018), Bruges (2019), Dublin (2019), Timisoara (2020), Lisbon (2020) has been designed to foster the exchange of experiences and knowledge among doctoral students doing research in the area of technology enhanced online, digital, open and distance learning, providing a valuable forum for the advancement of doctoral research. The Symposium is led by a panel of international experts. Check more information about EDEN PhD Symposium here.

Young Scholars Grants

The Ulrich Bernath Foundation for Research in Open and Distance Learning will support 4 young scholars or teams of young scholars with a grant of 300 Euros for submitting a significant contribution (Full paper) to the EDEN Annual Conference.
Eligible candidates are invited to apply here.

EDEN 30th Anniversary Updates

In 2021 EDEN is celebrating its 30th Anniversary. We look forward to sharing the pleasure of this special year with our members, partners and friends. Please read the blog post of EDEN President Sandra Kučina Softić reflecting on this special occasion. Read here.


The official EDEN30 website has been set up and announced already. Nevertheless, the webpage is continuously enriched and upgraded, extended with substantial, meaningful content (history, projects, events, awards, photo galleries, member testimonials etc.), including your warmly welcomed input to show the real power of our community and its 30 years of history. 



Share your story!

Do you have an inspiring story of EDEN to tell? We invite all of you to send, upload, share your memories, experiences, memorable moments, including your reflections, comments and ideas to EDEN throughout the anniversary year on the EDEN30 website. You can upload your story and/or photo HERE.