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2011 Athens

May 2, 2011 @ 00:00

Conference Scope

Crisis, change and innovation

Recent waves of economic crisis and uncertainty have re-aligned a range of European and global issues. This sense of crisis and challenge however may also serve to energize system transformations, identify alternatives, suggest new directions and act as a driving motivating force when old modes are broken.

For a positive interpretation of ?crisis? and the way out, let?s turn again to the Ancient Greek ??ß??? (a separating, power of distinguishing, decision, choice, election, judgment, dispute) < ??ß?? ( ?pick out, choose, decide, judge?).

Innovation and creativity in times of change are vital for creation of dynamic alternatives. That is equally true for schools and teaching practice. For the world of learning, a major task is to observe  changes and shifts and ascertain what teachers and other stakeholders (employers, policymakers, parents)  need.

Enhanced use of information technologies in communication and community building is vital in education and training. To turn theoretical knowledge and research into  meaningful action and outcomes, both practitioners and academics  need to collaborate for sustainable impact.  In a context of systemic socio-economic crisis and transformation, co-operation and communication between teachers, pupils and parents are key.

The aim of EDEN Open Classroom 2011 was to familiarize teachers, policy makers and learning community stakeholders with leading edge educational technologies, innovation methods, opinion sharing, collegial discussions and training experiences that will provide an alternative to crisis: new educational tools, inclusive strategies and creative best practice methodologies.

Keynote Speakers

Keynote presentations available here and on Slideshare.


May 2, 2011
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Never Waste a Crisis!
Inclusive Excellence, Innovative Technologies and Transformed Schools as Autonomous Learning Organisations