Join European Digital Education Hub Free Expert Support Mentorships and Clinics

The European Commission has taken an important initiative to exchange expertise and to offer support in digital transformation through its European Digital Education Hub. The Hub now offers free expert support to digital education teachers and professionals through online clinics and mentorship programmes, tailored to their individual or institutional needs. They embrace areas which are specifically relevant for educational institutions. 

Make the mentorships and clinics part of your project agenda. Let your project in digital transformation integrate clinics and/or mentorships in your plan of activities. Find detailed information about European Digital Education Hub Mentorships and Clinics, here.

The online clinics and mentorship sessions are available to members of the European Digital Education Hub. Participants therefore first need to register on the HUB: 

Already a Hub member?

You will be contacted for further follow-up and setting a date that suits you and the expert.