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eLene4work strives to help students and new entrepreneurs develop soft skills often required by companies of all sizes and will help companies exploit the digital talents of young employees. The project proposes a strategic partnership whose goal is to test and monitor the possibility offered by MOOCs and OER to address the demand for digital soft skills formally not taught at universities but desirable by most employers on the labour market.

The aim of the eLene4work project is to allow students to:

·      autonomously identify their own:

a)     gaps in soft skills and competences, in order to develop or improve them;

b)     potential in digital soft skills, to increase their professional attractiveness on the labour market;

·      autonomously learn how to:

a)     fill their skill gap using MOOCs (and other OERs)

b)     include in their CV their soft skills and digital soft skills in order to enhance the opportunity to enter the labour market.

Students will learn to learn how to use and exploit their own digital competences and soft skills on the labour market.