Lifelong Learning Programme; Key Activity 2 – Languages, Multilateral Project


The project aims to create reliable guidelines and testing systems to measure the different language levels, as defined by the Common European Framework for English for Specific Purposes (ESP). This project is the continuation of the former Leonardo da Vinci project ESP:C, a language course for chemists, developed examinations to evaluate the students? performance who have attended the course. The results of the TESPIS projects are planned to be used for any field of science and VET. The main objectives of the project are:

  • To set up definitions based on the Common European Framework for languages as needed in the respective professions,
  • To develop simple electronic tools to filter authentic language material for quickly defining language levels tested at the examination,
  • To develop, pre-test and re-test examination papers to create models and means for future, internationally valid examinations.

The former Leonardo project ESP:C (www.esp-c.org) will be the basis of the proposed work, the materials developed will be tested for chemistry, for conservation science and for therapists for students to prepare for the first examination. TESPIS will create the first ESP examinations for chemists and therapists in a mode that complies with the Common European Framework and that can cover other fields of science.