Watch the Recording! EDEN NAP Webinar – Creative Research Methodologies in Online Distance Education


How we do research in online distance education is changing and evolving. In this EDEN NAP webinar we will explore new and creative ways to research and advance our collective understanding in the field of online distance education. 

Type of session: presentations with discussion

Recorded: Wednesday December 20 at 16:00 (CET)


Dr. Orna Farrell, Chair of the NAP Steering Committee, Dublin City University, Ireland

Dr Orna Farrell is Associate Professor specialising in digital education based in the School of Policy and Practice, Institute of Education at Dublin City University (DCU). Orna’s research interests include online pedagogy, online student success and engagement, eportfolio and open educational practice. She has a growing publication record in her fields of interest, including a range of book chapters, journal articles, invited presentations and conference papers. She has published in high ranking journals such as Distance Education, the Journal of Interactive Media in Education, Research in Learning Technology, and the International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education. Orna is chair of the European Distance and E-Learning (EDEN) Network of Academics and Professionals (NAP) committee and a fellow of EDEN.


Dr. Rima Al Tawil, Ontario College of Teachers, Canada

Dr Rima Al Tawil is a distinguished educator and researcher specializing in distance education, with a particular focus on electronic nonverbal cues (eNVC) in online learning environments. Holding a doctorate in education from Athabasca University and a master’s in adult education, her work delves into the underexplored world of nonverbal communication in asynchronous online discussions. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Rima works as a training and communication specialist, blending her expertise in art, education, communication, and research to craft innovative educational experiences. Her diverse career includes roles as an instructor, senior learning consultant, and instructional designer across both academic and corporate settings. Additionally, she is a certified member of the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT), a researcher-weaver, and a deeper learner. This unique combination of artistic talent and academic rigor brings a unique blend of creativity and scholarly rigor to her roles, enhancing the research-driven educational initiatives she designs and implements.

Dr. Melissa Bond, EPPI Centre (UCL) National Institute of Teaching, University of Stavanger, Norway

Dr Melissa Bond is a Research Fellow at the EPPI Centre (UCL) and the National Institute of Teaching, as well as an Adjunct Associate Professor in Qualitative Evidence Synthesis at the University of Stavanger. Her research focuses in particular on how evidence synthesis can build research skills, provide insight into digital teaching and learning to provide guidance to both policy and practice, and identify key research gaps. Melissa is a member of the Center for Open Education Research, a founding editorial board member of the Nordic Journal of Systematic Reviews in Education, and from January 2024 will be a Co-Editor of the Review of Education journal.