Join us next Wednesday July 5th for “Digital Change Makers. How to Thrive in the Age of Digital Transformation in the Educational System”

Wednesday July 5th at 10:00 (CET)


The aim of the event is to get an overview of what it takes to holistically shape digital transformation in educational institutions and how people, places and technologies are to be considered. Learn what future skills are the most important for change and how they can be trained. Have an idea of best practices of how students can become Digital Change Makers.

The session will build up knowledge on the environment in which digital change makers can make a difference and what competences they need. The discussion will focus on how participants can transfer the best practices to their own institutions to get from “Nowland to Nextland”.

European Digital Education Hub

The European Digital Education Hub (EDEH) is an initiative of the European Commission, funded by the Erasmus+ programme (2021-2027) and operated by a consortium of eleven organisations, under a service contract with the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

EDEN Digital Learning Europe Knowledge Building team is actively contributing to this Hub.

Monthly innovative events are organised to discover and debate which are the current and future challenges of the digital transformation of education.


Wibke Matthes, Key Skills Center, CAU-Kiel University, Germany

Wikbe Matthes is the Director of Key Skills Center of the CAU-Kiel University in Germany. She is the spokesperson of the Future Skills Committee in Gesellschaft für Schlüsselkompetenzen (Society for. Key Skills). Member of the advisory board for teaching and learning in RheinMain University and SAGSAGA e.V. Also, trainer in Kompetenz Dock. She has developed her professional focus on science communication certificate programme, sustainability and diversity programmes and student education initiatives.

Daniela Duglosch, Key Skills Center, CAU-Kiel University, Germany

Daniela Dlugosch is a member of the Key Skills Center in the areas of social communicative competence and self-competence. She has previously been the head of department of the MobilCom AG trainer Team. Also, manage of the Skill Center. Partner and CEO of Fairway Training. She is currently board member of the Ocean Mind Foundation. She has developed her professional focus on self-responsability, self-regulation, positive psychology, mindfulness, social perception, non-violent communication, communicative bridge-building.