Register Now! Knowledge Building Event – “When Would the Data and Technology Inspire Education?”, Tuesday October 3 at 14:00 (CET)


The aim of the event is to discuss how application of learning analytics and data – driven learning design, as well as learning and teaching solutions can inspire education, and how such solutions would look like. What tools do we have today to generate data in learning environments and how much does this data tell the teachers and the students about learning and teaching? How DigiEduHack and other technological solutions might contribute to co-create digital education that would inspire and facilitate learning design decisions and  learning scenarios proposed by teachers? 

When? Tuesday 3 October at 14:00 (CET) via the Knowledge Building Channel

European Digital Education Hub

The European Digital Education Hub (EDEH) is an initiative of the European Commission, funded by the Erasmus+ programme (2021-2027) and operated by a consortium of eleven organisations, under a service contract with the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

EDEN Digital Learning Europe Knowledge Building team is actively contributing to this Hub.

Monthly innovative events are organised to discover and debate which are the current and future challenges of the digital transformation of education.


 Bart Rienties, Institute of Educational Technology, the Open University, UK

Bart Rienties is Professor of Learning Analytics and programme lead of the learning analytics and learning design research programme at the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University UK. He leads a group of academics who provide university-wide learning analytics and learning design solutions and conduct evidence-based research of how students and professionals learn. As educational psychologist, he conducts multi-disciplinary research on work-based and collaborative learning environments and focuses on the role of social interaction in learning, which is published in leading academic journals and books. His primary research interests are focussed on Learning Analytics, Professional Development, and the role of motivation in learning. Furthermore, Bart is interested in broader internationalisation aspects of higher education. He has successfully led a range of institutional/national/European projects, and has received a range of awards for his educational innovation projects. He is the President of the Society of Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR).

Airina Volungevičienė, Institute for Study Innovations, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania

Airina Volungevičienė has been working in the field of digital education for more than 25 years and is one of the key competence forces in the field of digital education in Lithuania and a respected and recognised researcher and expert internationally. She was European Distance and e-Learning Network (EDEN) Board member and VP for Research (2010–2016) and EDEN President (2016-2019). After Brexit, a co-founder of EDEN Digital Learning Europe (DLE), the first President (2019-2021) and currently is the director of the Management Board. She was the first President of LieDM association (2010–2016), and the head of the Board (2016-2021), continuously consulting schools about digital innovations. Since 2007 she is the director of VMU Institute for Study Innovations (ISI) responsible for online studies, leads development of teacher digital competences, online learning environment, quality assurance of study subjects for online and blended studies.

Elchin Jafarov, Datorium, Latvia

Elchin Jafarov is the founder of Datorium – an EdTech startup and the largest community for youth in the Baltics, interested in technology and coding. He received his master’s degree from Stockholm University, built a successful carrier in the financial industry and has been lecturing in various universities, including Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, BA SBF/Swiss Business School, University of Latvia. Alongside building Datorium, Elchin works on business data automation and digital transformation for various companies.

Juhani Koivuviita, Educraftor, Finland

Juhani Koivuviita is the Co-founder and CEO of Educraftor. He codesigns and implements the company’s programs and events and operates as a team coach and consultant with different clients and learners. He is an experienced team coach in various settings, a language teacher on all education levels, a school principal on the primary level, a program and project manager in national and international contexts, with high communication and language skills, a diplomat and a lifelong learner and leader. He helps learners to challenge their thinking and actions. He inspires and ignites a learning and maturity process inside the learners, and does it by supporting the exploration of different tools and methods and enabling space for dialogue. His mission is to help people reach their fullest potential and to bring understanding into communication and interaction, also when crossing the lines between sectors, borders and cultures. Juhani’s patience and compassion sets a foundation for this to happen.