Sandra Kučina Softić Keynote Session at EDEN Open Classroom Conference 2024 in Athens

Dr. Sandra Kučina Softić, EDEN DLE Vice-President of Open Professional Collaboration, was one of the keynotes at the EDEN Open Classroom Conference 2024 held in Athens in collaboration with long time EDEN members Ellinogermaniki Agogi. Ellinogermaniki Agogi, member of EDEN since 1998, has organised a number of EDEN Open Classroom Conferences in the past focusing on different themes: Education during the Crisis, Open Schooling, Deeper Learning, etc.

The title of this year Open Classroom Conference was “Learning from the Extremes”, and EDEN Vice-President held the keynote about EDEN and European Digital Education Hub (EDEH) emphasising the importance of collaboration and communities of practice. EDEN has been for over 30 years a platform for cooperation and collaboration on European and global level as Europe’s leading network for advancing digital education. Therefore, it’s logical the EDEN involvement in EDEH in building the open online collaborative community for digital education stakeholders in Europe and beyond. At the end, Sandra Kučina Softić stressed that only working together we can design the education and future we want.

The Conference featured the experiences of the 123 schools that participated in the pilot application in 10 European countries, participants were also informed about the digital policy of the countries that participated in the Learning from the Extremes project (Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Ireland, Bulgaria, Finland, Croatia, Spain, Italy and Romania) as well as the planned actions to achieve their policies. Furthermore, presentations with the latest developments for the integration of innovation in the educational process, they got involved in workshopss on how to integrate these practices into the daily operation of the school unit and joined presentations with useful instructions and advice on how to get involved in ERASMUS+ funded programs and how to acquire more skills that will support them in this endeavour.

Find below the official website of the Conference and the full programme: