“The Dawn of Online Education 1980-1990” – New Book by Morten Flate Paulsen

Morten Flate Paulsen, President of EDEN 2010-2013, presents his new book “The Dawn of Online Education 1980-1990”, it is the first of four books in the chronicle “My Online Education World 1980-2020”. According to the author “a chronicle of personal anecdotes, experiences, and reflections on people, events, technology, and pedagogy that influenced four decades of my online education work”.

The chronicle will explore Morten’s “international practice with online education as a pioneer, student, teacher, course designer, system developer, administrator, board member, researcher, professor, author, editor, reviewer, entrepreneur, and innovator”.

In order to understand the importance of The Pioneering 1980s find here the start of the chapter:

The first book in My Online Education World compiles anecdotes from the pioneering 1980s. Anecdotes chronicled during covid isolation in 2020. The decade that irrevocably hurled me into many unforeseen adult opportunities and challenges. The decade that indeed changed a modest Norway towards a more self-conscious, open, and rich country. Defined technology developments that spurred a paradigm shift in distance education. So remarkable to sum up the decade realizing that a century has passed since my father was born. Reading worrying news about the pandemic, US developments, and Brexit at the end of 2020. The warmest year on record in Norway. A year that certainly will define the years to come.

The Dawn of Online Education 1980-1990 (Morten Flate Paulsen, 2024)

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