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EDEN 2022 PhD Student Symposium – Call for Presentations

The EDEN 2022 PhD Symposium will take place in June at the EDEN 2022 Annual Conference at University of Tallinn, Estonia, 20-22 June. A full-day interactive and collaborative seminar that will be organized right before the main conference. The Symposium, held in previous years in Barcelona (2018), Bruges (2019), Dublin (2019), Timisoara (2020),  Lisbon (2020) and Madrid (2021) has been designed to foster the exchange of experiences and knowledge among doctoral students conducting research in the area of technology enhanced online, digital, open and distance learning, and provides a valuable forum for the advancement of doctoral research.

The PhD Student Symposium is an open-invitation event for all PhD students and their supervisors working in the field of e-learning or educational technology. It is aimed at current doctoral students enrolled in any university, both full-time and part-time.

Important information:

  • PhD students must currently be studying, i.e. have had their research proposals approved but have not yet defended their theses. Preference will be given to students who have collected data to analyse.
  • Proposals should be related to the research topics of the actual Symposium.
  • The abstract should be in English, and contain a 300-350 word description of the state of their research and a problem they would like to address in the symposium. It should include the research title, research objectives/questions and methodology.
  • PhD students should apply by submitting a short summary of their research plan to EasyChair.

The deadline for submitting abstracts to PhD symposium: 15 April

Find more information on the PhD Symposium Official Webpage. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us: tallinn2022@eden-europe-eu.