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EDEN Digital Learning Europe Joins European Solidarity to Support Sovereignity of Ukraine

EDEN Affirmation

EDEN Digital Learning Europe stands against the recent attacks suffered in Ukraine by Russian military troops. As a European organisation, EDEN Digital Learning Europe is fully aligned with the European values of freedom, peace and solidarity. In consequence, we condemn the cruel and unjustifiable war that’s currently ongoing in Ukrainian territory.

The EDEN Digital Learning Europe Management Board, representing the membership of EDEN, supports the free, autonomous and sovereign status of the great nation of Ukraine. We extend our heartfelt support, solidarity and recognition to all its education institutions, educators, and students inside and outside Ukraine. We invite all Russian institutions and individuals with current or past association with EDEN to support this resolution. 

We condemn the unprovoked, illegal, and immoral attack upon the nation and peoples of Ukraine.

The EDEN ‘Digital Learning Europe Management Board members, additionally resolve that its 2022 Annual Conference scheduled for Tallinn, Estonia, will go forward as planned. It is with even greater determination and commitment that this Association’s commitment to freedom and assembly will not be side-tracked or diverted. We will meet and we will celebrate European unity and solidarity in Tallinn.

We invite you to join EDEN and all educational associations across the world to help us create a more equitable, inclusive, and humane future for the future grounded in peace, kindness and human respect, integrity and dignity.

We look forward to seeing you and celebrating our freedom and solidarity in Tallin, Estonia, in June.