Josep M. Duart, EDEN DLE President, Keynote Speaker on ICETOL 2024 at Anadolu University, Turkey

Josep M. Duart, EDEN DLE President, was keynote speaker on the 4th International Conference on Educational Technology and Online Learning, ICETOL 2024, at Anadolu University (EDEN DLE Institutional Member), Turkey, on May 15 2024. His presentation focused on “Trends, Challenges, and Paradigm Shifts in Digital Technologies for Learners, Educators, and Institutions” in which he analysed the evolution of education taking into consideration the importance of digital technologies for shaping the future of education in Europe.

During the session, Josep M. Duart, also presented upcoming EDEN DLE events, such as EDEN 2024 Annual Conference in Graz (Austria), 16-18 June, and EDEN 2024 Research Workshop and PhD Masterclass in Timisoara (Romania), 16-18 October.