New article on EURODL: “Implementation of e-learning curriculum in higher education”

A new article has been published in the Volume & Issue: Volume 25 (2023) – Issue 1 (March 2023) of EURODL is already available: “Implementation of e-learning curriculum in higher education” by Yves Shabo Nkulu-Ily


As some researchers predicted, online education is taking precedence over higher education worldwide. This work deals with this situation using three frameworks appropriate for the three concepts involved (i.e. technology, teacher and students). The literature was reviewed in the context of good-quality education and its relation to three distance-education frameworks. Some approaches and strategies indicate improvement in achieving electronic media-based learning (e-Learning) recognition for better outreach. This manuscript also shows that the most critical aspect of this outreach is thinking about the learning benefits that learners might gain from it and how they might assess those benefits using various tools, not only by direct comparison with old pedagogies or methods.

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