Join us on Thursday July 27th for “Digital Change Makers: Programmes, Iniatives and Case Studies”

Thursday July 27th at 14:00 (CET) on the Knowledge Building Channel


The aim of the event is to create a better understanding of how educational technology (edtech) works, the steps from a grassroots-level idea to a working solution applicable in digital education.

The event will introduce already active digital changemakers programmes and initiatives: 2–3 case studies from the Hub’s accelerator, DigiEduHack and Educraftor‘s case studies ( hackathon series and the learnings from it), and we will explore the growth paths. Through this, the event also aims to encourage and support the audience to spot opportunities as digital changemakers.

The event will consist of short presentations and a panel discussion. The dialogue among the moderators and the speakers, as well as with the audience will be the main interaction mode.

European Digital Education Hub

The European Digital Education Hub (EDEH) is an initiative of the European Commission, funded by the Erasmus+ programme (2021-2027) and operated by a consortium of eleven organisations, under a service contract with the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

EDEN Digital Learning Europe Knowledge Building team is actively contributing to this Hub.

Monthly innovative events are organised to discover and debate which are the current and future challenges of the digital transformation of education.


Juhani Koivuviita, Co-founder, CEO, Educraftor

Juhani Koivuviita is the Co-founder and CEO of Educraftor. He codesigns and implements the company’s programs and events and operates as a team coach and consultant with different clients and learners. He is an experienced team coach in various settings, a language teacher on all education levels, a school principal on the primary level, a program and project manager in national and international contexts, with high communication and language skills, a diplomat and a lifelong learner and leader. He helps learners to challenge their thinking and actions. He inspires and ignites a learning and maturity process inside the learners, and does it by supporting the exploration of different tools and methods and enabling space for dialogue. His mission is to help people reach their fullest potential and to bring understanding into communication and interaction, also when crossing the lines between sectors, borders and cultures. Juhani’s patience and compassion sets a foundation for this to happen.

Peter Fagerström, Founder, Executive Chairman, Educraftor

Peter Fagerström is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Educraftor, an education innovation consultancy based in Finland. Educraftor’s clients have been the ministries of education, national agencies and foundations, municipalities and cities and public and private sector organisations. He is also the founder of Teach millions, a bazaar of Nordic edtech solutions. He has been a founding member and advisor to several regional edtech organisations, developing cross-border startup ecosystem services and building regional platforms to support edtechs. His mission is to build and orchestrate purpose-driven innovation and learning ecosystems, focusing on large-scale strategic and systematic change. He has the ability to perceive complex systems and he finds connections where none are apparent, enabling situations where the sum of two parts is greater than simple addition. He can work on big visions and is not afraid to challenge conventional mindsets and how we work, bringing positive disruption into any process.


Miska Noponen, Co-founder and CEO of Annie Advisor, Finland

Miska Noponen is a programming pedagogue from Finland, currently a co-founder and CEO of Annie Advisor. Annie Advisor develops an early-intervention support bot that prevents dropouts and improves student well-being, which are significant challenges in secondary and higher education. Although it’s a relatively new tool, the Annie bot has already been deployed by 26 schools and more than 40 000 students. An impact study estimated that it prevents 25% of dropouts. Miska has degrees in both computer science and education from the University of Helsinki and has dedicated his career to combining the two fields. He has worked in edtech user experience, product leadership and educational data science with e.g. Rovio (the developer of Angry Birds) and the United Nations. Miska has also won three pitching competitions and mentors younger startups in topics such as product management, strategy, funding and pitching.

Marija Musja, Founder and CEO of Empo, Estonia

Marija Musja is the visionary behind Empo, Marija is passionate about empowering girls to find fulfilling careers in tech. Empo is a social network that uses cutting-edge technology to match students’ interests with relevant career opportunities. Through early exposure and education, they are building a bridge between students and employers – and creating a culture of empowerment along the way. Maria’s background in politics and law, combined with her previous experience as a human rights advocate with organizations such as the Law Society of London, the OSCE, and Amnesty International, has revealed the heart-wrenching truth about the harsh reality of human rights violations globally. This ignited a flame in Marija to launch her first venture five years ago, striving towards economically empowering girls through education. Maria is going to share her path towards a new venture, Empo, and how she turned a simple idea into a startup.