Sandra Kučina Softić At The 2023 USDLA National Conference Panel “Global Perspectives Of Distance Education And Emerging Trends”

Sandra Kučina Softić, EDEN DLE Vice-President of Open Professional Collaboration, participated at the 2023 USDLA National Conference on July 20th in the panel “Global Perspectives of Distance Education and Emerging Trends” joined by Farah Bennani (Northampton Community College, USA) and Kae Novak (Front Rage Community College, USA).

The roundtable guided participants through a discussion on emerging technologies, including the possibilities and advancements in XR mixed reality, artificial intelligence (AI), decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO)s and how we want to use these tools, the concept of imaginaries and divergent thinking to shape global education. The panelists reflected on how these emerging technologies will shape the future and how they can be integrated in the educational system. See the full programme of 2023 USDLA National Conference, 17-20 July, here.

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