Submission Deadline Extended for EDEN 2023 Annual Conference Until 31st March!

The submission deadline for EDEN 2023 Annual Conference in Dublin has been extended until 31st March. Don’t forget to submit your contribution and register to this year’s Annual Conference!

EDEN 2023 Annual Conference is designed to explore the theme, “Yes we can!” – Digital Education for Better Futures. This theme focuses on the language of opportunity and challenges participants to dream big! While there are many big and small challenges that we can’t ignore in building a more inclusive digital future, the conference places the spotlight on the “art of the possible” in reimagining teaching, learning and assessment and delivering on the promise of better futures for all. We hope to encapsulate throughout the conference the spirit of hope and optimism through the enabling language of “yes we can”.

Find more information about Conference Topics and Submission Types below, get a full view of the Conference including Keynotes and Spotlight Speakers line-up on the Official EDEN 2023 Annual Conference Website.

Conference Topics

1. Transformative Education

  • Digital transformation for better futures
  • Fostering a digital education ecosystem for all
  • Policy, strategy and leadership for the next normal
  • Rewilding traditional places, spaces and habitats of learning
  • Creating new lifelong learning pathways and recognition models

2. Future Pedagogies

  • Putting education in the driving seat of the next big thing: AI, VR, the Metaverse, etc. 
  • Designing best practices for blended, hybrid and online learning
  • Hacking assessment for more authentic and meaningful learning
  • Realizing the potential of open educational practices 

3. Next Generation Teachers and Learners

  • Developing teachers’ skills and competencies for the digital era
  • Exploring the Third Space in reshaping impactful professional learning
  • Students as active partners in learning transformation
  • Evaluating teaching and learning for continuous improvement

4. Digital Citizenship for Sustainable Futures

  • Fostering resilience and wellbeing for digital living and learning
  • Placing equity, diversity and inclusion at the core of digital education
  • Infusing digital education across the Sustainable Development Goals 
  • Understanding the ‘green’ dimensions of EdTech for better and worse

5. Research Designs for Uncertain Times

  • The scholarship of practice
  • Students as research partners
  • Reframing the digital education research agenda
  • Topics related to the EU Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027)

Submission Types

Full Paper – This presentation format is better suited to sharing the findings of case studies, research projects or more mature innovations related to the conference theme/topics which allow you to provide a richer analysis, description and interpretation of the work.

Concise Paper – Ideally suited to small projects, new and emerging areas and works in progress. The format allows you to showcase and/or offer a brief snapshot of your work.

Poster – Present your work on a poster board which will be on display throughout the conference. This format is ideal for showcasing and/or offering a brief snapshot of your work in order to generate more interest and follow up conversations with conference participants.

Gasta Presentation – A Lightning Talk (Gasta) allows you to present a very brief synopsis of your work in a fast, engaging and high-energy style where you only have 5-minutes to provide a quick account of your work.

Action Lab– upon invitation only. Action Labs give participants the opportunity to debate, discuss and engage in lively professional dialogue on high profile topics or issues relevant to the conference theme.