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EDEN 2022 Annual Conference – PhD Student Symposium

The PhD Student Symposium was held in Tallinn University, Sunday 19 June. The event is an open-invitation event for all PhD students and their supervisors working in the field of e-learning or educational technology. It is aimed at current doctoral students enrolled in any university.

This year we had the presentatiosn of the following PhD Students: for a great Symposium Salvatore Nizzolino, Suzanne Stone, Rob Lowney, Shafaq Rubab, Nóra Fazekas, Juri Mets, Clare Gormley, Soraya Benazzouz and Nella Scala.

Our expert panel was formed: Airina Volungevičienė, Sandra Kucina, Denise Whitelock, Helga Dorner, Alfredo Soeiro, Kairit Tammets, Wim Van Petegem and Mart Laanpere.

In the PhD Student Symposium we had the opportunity to know more about their research on Instructional Design, Digital Well-Being, Learning Analytics, Art-Based Learning and many more topics.

More information about the PhD Student Symposium will be available soon.