Save the Date: EDEN’s 2022 Research Workshop “Towards smart and inclusive learning ecosystem”, 19-20 September, Dubrovnik, Croatia

EDEN’s 2022 Research Workshop entitled “Towards smart and inclusive learning ecosystem” will be held in Dubrovnik (Croatia), 19-20 September 2022.

The Research Workshop focuses on improved learning environments that drive the digital transformation of educational institutions. COVID-19 has accelerated the shift to blended or fully online learning environments, enforcing educational institutions to embrace technology and offer their students an online or at least blended learning experience. A large amount of data accessible through different learning environments has been analysed and used to drive future strategies of education.

This event aims to explore the consequences of emergency remote teaching and learning as well as to tackle the new approaches in creating learning environments that should be smarter, more inclusive, involve emerging technologies that will boost digital skills of students and bring them more personalised experience.

Workshop themes:

  • Digital transformation of educational institutions: digital strategies, quality assurance, models and frameworks, supporting teachers and learners
  • Trends and issues in education: emergency remote teaching and learning, development of teachers’ and students’ 21st century skills, diversity issues, digital divide, innovative assessment approaches
  • High-performing personalized learning environments: using big data, learning analytics, artificial intelligence, wearables, and student modelling to create smart and inclusive learning environments for blended and online learning
  • Learning strategies for smart learning environments: activity driven design, instructional design, learning design, gamification, immediate and personalized feedback starting from an early age
  • Emerging technologies in education: flipped classroom, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, BYOD, new platforms for skills development

More information concerning the EDEN’s 2022 Research Workshop entitled “Towards smart and inclusive learning ecosystem” will be available shortly.